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Liz Moody

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My presets are finally here! I’ve been working on these presets for literally years because, well, here’s a secret: I’m not a great food photographer. While I love food and have created recipes for years (even publishing two best-selling cookbooks!), I never liked the photography side of the job, so for years, I struggled with creating images that conveyed how delicious my food tasted.

That’s when I discovered editing. I dove deep into Adobe Lightroom, and over months of trial and error, created Presets that made food look delectable—no photography skills necessary.

These are the first presets designed specifically for food. If you want to get that food blogger look, sharing your own food creations, I’ve got you. But I’ve also got you if you’re just a person who appreciates food, who snaps photos of fries and Aperol spritzes at restaurants and ice cream on vacation and wants a quick and easy way to make those images look stunning.

This preset pack includes 7 presets designed to make everything you eat look magazine-worthy (more than 2 TIMES the amount of presets included in most packs, for HALF the price!):


As a special bonus, I’ve also included my LOOKIN’ GORGEOUS preset, a lifestyle preset designed to make you look at beautiful as you are, no matter where your adventures take you.

Plus, you get my guide to food photography COMPLETELY FREE.

You’ve got questions—I’ve got answers!

Wait—let’s start at the beginning. What are presets?

Presets are settings for Adobe Lightroom (in this case, Lightroom mobile) that let you edit your photos with one click. Different presets are designed to get different photo results, or to work best in different situations. Presets make your photos look GORGEOUS and Insta-ready in literally seconds. Live your life! Enjoy yourself! Let me take care of making it look pretty—you have better things to do.

Do they work on on a computer or phone?

They’re designed to be used with Lightroom mobile, a FREE photo editing app for your phone. Download it for Android devices here, and iPhones here.

What do I get with my purchase?

You’ll be sent a file that will help you install 8 presets on Lightroom mobile that you can then use forever to quickly, easily, and beautifully edit your own photos.

How do I install the presets?

After you purchase the presets, you’ll receive a zipped file by email. You’ll want to open the zipped file on a computer, and unzip the file. On a PC, you’ll right click the file and click "extract all." On a Mac, you can just double click to unzip.

You can then either save the files to a Cloud storage option (like Google Drive) that you can access on your phone, or you can AirDrop them to your phone. After that, you simply open Lightroom Mobile, click “Add Photos” and add the presets. If you saved them as photos to your phone, you’ll click "from camera roll" and if they’re in a Cloud storage option, you’ll click "from files."

Once they’re in Lightroom, click the three dots in a circle in the top right, and click "Create Preset." Give it the name of the file (Cobblestone & Gelato, Chocoholic, etc) and hit the checkmark, and you’re good to go!

How do I use the presets?

Open any photo you want in Lightroom, and then toggle over to Presets on the bottom bar. If you’ve followed the instruction above, you’ll see the presets in there—you can use the ones designed for whatever situation you’re in ("A Sunny Brunch" for your brunch photos, etc) or just try out different presets to see which results you like the best. Remember, the preset is a jumping off point—you may need to tweak a few settings to get your ideal results (start with exposure and temp).