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Went through the deck of cards with my partner during a road trip and even after eight years together, I was able to learn more of him! Both the physical cards and questions are colorful and fun. Looking forward to playing with other loved ones and highly recommend!

they are so fun!

my boyfriend and i use these cards every day after work! there are 6 different categories of questions so we started rolling a dice to decide which category we pick from :) it has been super fun and has started some awesome convos between us. so far i have only used them with him but i fully plan to bring them home for the holidays to try with larger groups!

In LOVE with this game!

I bought this game with the intention of only using it on myself for introspection. I was talking to some friends about the game online and to my surprise, they all wanted to play together! So I set up a board and a webcam and I started reading off cards from categories while we all answered together. We all had such a really great time diving deep and learning more about each other. This game helped me grow closer to my friends, and helped new ones feel comfortable chiming in with their own experiences. 10/10 Highly recommend this game.

Therapy in card format

I did not know what to expect from the cards. I loved the deck from the very first card. After few minutes of asking family members some of the questions, we learned so many new things about each other. People opened up and felt so good to get stuff out. Felt like effective therapy session. Love it. Can’t recommend it enough.

Bringing our family closer together

I absolutely love this conversation deck. I am learning so much about the people I’m closest to in my life. What a great idea and brilliantly executed! I’m so happy I’ll have this for the holidays to start up some great discussions. Thank you Liz!!

So unique

This is such a unique set, there’s literally nothing like it. And it has a personal touch to it, but it looks like it could be on Target shelves right now. Thank you Liz for making this!!

Already used!

I bought these to help bring my hubs and I closer but I was skeptical that he would participate! We have used them two times so far and he is getting into it. This brings me so much hope and joy!!! Ty so much

Healthier Together: The Deck

Convo Refresh

We have been together 30+ years, through careers, kids and together now all the time at home due to Covid. We pick out a random card everyday at lunch and it has started some great conversations and even refreshed our memories on past conversations from our beginning that got lost in the shuffle of life. Thank you! :)

Healthier Together: The Deck

Love it!

This was so much fun for my husband and me on NYE. We had great conversations and can't wait to talk about more of the questions!

Love it!

The deck is great for starting really in depth conversations and figuring out why you act and so certain things.

Absolutely Fantastic

I often struggle to find common ground with my family and this has been an incredible way for us to share our experiences. I have found myself feeling more connected to them. Thank you so much Liz!

Love this!

Haven’t used it much yet, but the questions are awesome. Definitely recommend!!!

Amazing conversation tool!

Love the deck! So many conversations stemming from a single card!

Love the cards

Have used the cards one on one with my husband and in group with friends. Love them! Really great questions.

Best Game

So far, I’ve played with people ranging 10 years old to 50 years old, boys and girls, and everyone loves it!! Broke it out at a bar, but also on Christmas. Perfect, laid back activity to learn and to share in any space… plus it is always fun to hear what people think about you!

Highly recommend

This deck is great at bringing up conversation even with a long term partner and learn new things about them. I feel closer than ever with my partner. Highly recommend purchasing! The best part is it can be played at any tome because the cards are easy and portable.

Surprisingly good

My husband was a little skeptical when I showed him that I bought the deck. Then we had over a two hour drive to spend Christmas with our family that flew by because we were talking about questions in the deck and we only looked at about 12 of the cards. I’d highly recommend these for a road trip with your partner even if you’ve been together for over 20 years.


The deck prompted fun chatting at Christmas with my adult /married children! 💗


Love so much. Such thought provoking questions. Amazing product

I have a friend who always asks would you rather questions; when I saw these cards I thought it would be fun to go through these with him. I ended up taking it to a Christmas party and it was great. I played it with a ton of longtime friends and their partners and it was interesting to see everyone’s answers to some of the questions. Even some of my husbands answers surprised me. This game is a seriously great conversation starter.

Amazing, everyone I've introduced it to is obsessed with it as well

Loved this. I got it and used it with my best friend of several years and we learned so many new things about each other. My boyfriend also loves it and we are using it this Christmas to have new and interesting conversations with his parents and learn more about them in a way I don't usually get to. 10/10 recommend.

Great gift!

I bought this as a gift and gave myself one too!! Pulled a card the other night with my daughter and it sparked a great conversation. Can’t wait to use it with the rest of the family.

Bought 3!

Got one for myself then ordered two more as Xmas gifts!